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From WIA President

The Big Mistake!
With a bulk email system the recipients can and do react to the sheer volume of mail by:

1.  Reading it. Maybe scripting it to a folder for reference later.
2.  Adding sender to junk email list so it goes to deleted email folder. Perhaps seeing it later.
3.  Opting out of the senders list. Never seeing it. Sender's list get smaller.
4.  Adding sender to script to permanently delete sender's email without opening. Never sees it, sender's list doesn't change.

So Easy To OVER DO IT.
In some cases the sender company reacts to the depletion by increasing the volume of emails sent. This causes the sender's email marketing plans to become self defeating, self destructive. This can create an attitude of severe indifference in the minds of some industry email recipients. More recipients churn off the lists and may even ignore all of the senders marketing efforts through other channels.

This bulk email recipient reaction was and is predictable. Indeed it reinforces the need and dependence of responsible Wireless industry companies on business to business networking. Networking that allows business commerce to take place in an organized and efficient manner. Bulk email is still an important tool for many but it is "another marketing tool", not a replacement for responsible marketing operations. It must be utilized in moderation to avoid the negative reactions mentioned above. Networking through our Wireless Dealer Market Clearinghouse is the most efficient and powerful marketing and sales tool in our industry.

Use Alt + PrintScreen to create a snap shot of your default or other Wi-Web page. Use this graphic in an email with hyperlink direct to your Wi-Web.

You might create a "Specials" page in your Wi-Web and paste in some of your good email deals and put a link in each of your ads to the page.
Bob Hutchinson


  Bulk Email List     Available to Members. 

Email list is available to members that want to operate their own bulk email delivery system through our WI-Mail system. Our list is currently about 8,3000 addresses. This is our opt-in generic uncorrected list of principals, owners, top management, and decision makers. Read more below.

Many of our addresses come from here:>  

Protect Yourself
Protect Your Company
Experiencing a flood of bulk email from wholesale wireless industry vendors? Is your email system burdened with email blast advertising that comes everyday, over and over, again and again? All in this industry suffer the same problem. Who to deal with? Who to buy from? Who to sell to.

Is the email blast advertiser that got your attention a Wireless Industry Association member? At the Wireless Dealer Market main page - search their company name. If the company is not a member and does not post at Wireless Dealer Market - ask why. Ask for their member number (user I.D.). Click the URL below and enter member number (user I.D.) at end and press enter to see all member ads at WDM.

If the email blast advertiser is not a member, don't conduct business with them. If their offers are too good to be true you'll probably be disappointed if you buy, or worse, ripped off. Click through and search company name and personal names at our DGroupShare feedback feature. Understand the DGroupShare policy, which is strictly enforced.

Many members and wireless companies are utilizing bulk email for marketing. WIA has been involved in email marketing for 13+ years. Spam has caused the Internet industry to go to lengths to eliminate unwanted email. Here we will discuss where this is all going and how to benefit from email marketing.

Bulk email service companies protect themselves by applying some stiff disciplines to their "customers". These service companies don't want to bring the anti-spam industry down on themselves. They now go to great lengths to make sure no spam complaints come back to them.

Well, their zeal to protect their companies can cause you a lot of grief. When dealing with some service companies you have to lie about how you obtained your email list. If you tell them your list is made up of fellow members and you received it from WIA, they won't deal with you. This is part of their policy to protect THEM from industry wrath. They will give you boilerplate about federal law, legalities, etc. Tell them these are your customers from your own email list from your recent customer records.

Picking the wrong bulk email service company can really screw up your email list. For instance, if a recipient does not respond to the email below they would-be deleted from a list. The below is an excerpt from email sent by bulk email service company Send Direct ( It could be your list they would destroy. Of course they would tell you they cleaned your list of bad, unconfirmed emails, to comply with the Federal Can Spam Act or other regulations. In reality they are protecting themselves from the anti-spam community at the expense of your legitimate email list.

We expect bulk email marketing to become less and less effective in the future because of spam filtering. But, you should continue to utilize it until other methods are developed. In the near future the graphics you develop for emails can be utilized in your marketing and advertising endeavors at Wireless Dealer Market. Watch for this membership feature.